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As the English Football season comes to a close, the magic of Decision Day has emerged into the spotlight, causing some in the American soccer media to question, would MLS benefit from the addition of promotion and relegation?

The visibility of the league continues to grow, especially with Apple’s Billion-dollar gamble to try and centralize the league’s media rights. Unfortunately for MLS, the league still takes some familiar barbs, including questions about its accessibility, quality of play, and ultimately, the league structure.

Commentators who are fans of the beautiful game on the both sides of the pond give their take on the issue, as Will Palaszczuk and Jessica Charman did on the latest episode of Crown Corner.

Palaszczuk calls into question the feasibility of the idea.

“I don’t know if it’s necessarily a realistic thing when you think about the money [MLS owners] spend to obtain these franchises,” Palaszczuk said, referencing the $325 million expansion fee David Tepper paid to acquire Charlotte FC and the reported $500 million spent for MLS’ new club in San Diego which will begin play in 2025.

Charman believes promotion & relegation would bring something different to the league, but also agrees the concept does not appear to be on horizon for MLS.

“Do I think it would be exciting? Of course I do, there’s something really special about promotion and relegation, that’s coming from someone who roots for a team (Reading United) who got relegated this year, said Charlotte FC Radio Voice Jessica Charman.”I think it would be exciting, it would be different, but maybe that’s also why fans in the US are able to have their European team and then their MLS team because they like the different things they are attached to. I would say I’m for it, but I don’t think it’s the right way in MLS.”

“You’re clutching to straws if you’re saying pro/rel is the reason why MLS isn’t your cup of tea,” Charman added. “I think MLS is growing in respect and people are wanting to come here to play now, not just to make a paycheck, but to really further their career?

For what it’s worth, MLS Commissioner Don Garber was quoted by The Athletic as recently as March as saying he does not see promotion/relegation coming in the near future, but takes care to not rule it out eventually.

What do you think? Should MLS be like the other leagues of the world? Or stay the way it is?

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