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With every day Nick Wilson is filling in on our sister station Mix 107.9, we’re finding more and more about our favorite mercurial host.

In fact, we’re finding out more than we necessarily need to know about the big fella. His struggle is real and things got real for him this weekend.

This harmless story started this weekend in the charming neighborhood of Ballantyne, where Nick resides. With all the recent rain, its brought out a huge surge of bugs including gnats. When Nick and his family were hanging out this weekend, the gnat problem got out of control. We’ll let Nick take it from here.

Wow, tough break big fella for you and your fellas. Unfortunately for the Bowling Green alum, it didn’t get better from there when he brought the story on air with who he thought were his friends.

On Wednesday’s “Matt & Ramona” saw the lovely and talented Ramona Holloway bring up the topic of ‘Nick versus Gnats’ and she sided with the bugs. She mocked Nick’s struggle and called him out for his first world problems.

When reached for a quote during the show, Nick commented off air that he felt betrayed, bewildered and caught off guard by Ramona’s attacks. He then went on to say that he also should’ve seen all of this coming and probably deserved everything he got.

Let Nick and Ramona know who’s side you are on: Nick or the gnats? You can hear the entire inquisition in the segment below.

Nick is on Mix 107.9 all week with Ramona, Eric and Squatch but you can check him out with Stan Norfleet every weekday from 2-6 pm Eastern on Sports Radio FNZ. You can also follow the guys @NickWilsonSays @StanSportsMan on Twitter and Instagram.