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NFL: OCT 02 Cardinals at Panthers

Source: Icon Sportswire / Getty

The former Panthers WR turned NFL Network Analyst joined Kyle Bailey on Monday’s edition of The Clubhouse as he recapped the Panthers losing again, and if the offensive struggles can be fixed.

Steve started by showing frustration with the Panthers as he said the defense played lights out until they got worn down in the 2nd half due to staying out on the field too long. He also pointed out that this has been a similar problem throughout the season as the offense can’t get going in the first half, leading to the defense being worn down in the 2nd half.

Kyle then asked Steve if the loss to the Cardinals yesterday is the new low point in the Matt Rhule era as Steve doesn’t know if that is the case, but he did respond to Baker’s comments about the fans booing as he stated:

“You don’t want to hear the fans booing you, well those folks that are booing you they don’t want to see bad football either. It goes hand-in-hand, you want them to stop booing you, you have to play better

Steve also gave high praise to DJ Moore and how he has conducted himself as of late with the coaches saying that he and Baker need to get on the same page as he said that he would be “foaming at the mouth like a dog with rabies” if he was in that situation. Steve then went on to say that we shouldn’t be scapegoating guys who are working their butt off and DJ has been running his routes the way he is supposed to.

Things end with a preview of Sunday’s game against the 49ers as Smitty was blunt by saying that a molly-whopping is coming for the Panthers if they don’t fix up things on offense.