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The beat reporter covering the Carolina Panthers for joined Kyle Bailey on Monday’s edition of The Clubhouse as he looked into all of the rumors swirling around the NFL with just 10 days until the NFL Draft.

Things started with Darin looking at all of the smokescreens hitting the NFL world 10 days before the Draft officially starts as he said this is what happens sometimes when the rumors start earlier than normal but the 1 constant this year is that the Panthers really need an OT and a QB.

When it came to the QB position Kyle asked Darin if there is a feeling that the Panthers brass has to get a new QB to turn the ship around as Darin responded by telling Kyle that the pressure is to make a good decision as being hellbent to take solely a QB could lead to big mistakes as they are not wanting to make a move just to make a move.

Darin also addressed the potential of the Panthers drafting an edge rusher with the 6th pick by saying:

“If they are in a spot at 6 where there isn’t the tackle of their preference and they are not ready to take a QB I could absolutely see Defensive End happening at 6.”