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North Carolina v Duke

Source: Jared C. Tilton / Getty

The longtime Play-by-Play commentator around all walks of College Basketball and currently Fox Sports joined Kyle Bailey on Tuesday’s edition of The Clubhouse as he recapped Carolina’s win over Duke, and what the dirty little secret is for the expansion talks with the College Football Playoffs.

Tim started the interview by looking at the upcoming conference and NCAA Tournament as he agreed with a sentiment that Kyle Bailey shared saying this feels like the first true March Madness we have had since the pandemic as he agreed because last year was just a shell of itself and it is so good to see a full-blown March Madness as it’s already shown its impact.

Kyle then asked Tim about Carolina’s big road win over Duke as he said he was surprised because before he thought that the Heels were a team that were NCAA Tournament frauds, but the way they took it to Duke down the stretch along with the strong play that RJ Davis had down the stretch proved him wrong and Duke didn’t help the matter with their disjointed offense and they looked very tight in the final 10 minutes.

Before Tim left the show Kyle asked him his thoughts about the College Football Playoff staying at 4 teams as Tim told Kyle:

“The Elephant in the room is that none of these commisioners want to admit to it and that is Television contracts. They don’t want to resolve any of this until their TV deals get renewed.”