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Earlier today on the Mac Attack, Mac ranked his top 5 worst rules in sports. This was inspired by everyone freaking out on Social Media on Sunday due to the fumble touchback rule in the NFL.

Everyone on Twitter seemed to think that was the worst rule in all of sports, while Mac actually disagreed.

Mac list went:

5. Helmet to Helmet hits not being reviewable

4. NFL fining players for attire

3. Pitchers hitting batters as payback

2. Golfers having to sign a scorecard or their round doesn’t count

1. The unwritten rule of batters not being allowed to bunt during a no-hitter

Mac says he disagreed because the end zone is precious real estate in Football so you should reach for the goal line unless you absolutely have to. Some people think if you fumble it out of the end zone then you should get it where you fumbled it.

Did Mac get this list right?