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NFL: NOV 08 Panthers at Chiefs

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There’s no question that Carolina needs to upgrade the quarterback and offensive line positions if they want to be able to compete for the playoffs in 2022, but with limited cap and draft capital, it’s hard to envision that happening right now. One way they could potentially do that would be by trading away Christian McCaffrey, less than two years after signing him to a historic contract. since the contract, CMC has missed more games than he has played, and that has really strung this franchise, both on the field, and off. Panthers GM Scott Fitterer said shortly after the season concluded that he’s open to taking calls that could move McCaffrey if it could benefit the team. The issue is going to be finding a trade partner willing to work with the Panthers, as his injuries have derailed his trade value. Mike Ginnitti, from Spotrac, was on the Nick Wilson show earlier today, outlining his proposal to trade McCaffrey to the Buffalo Bills, an organization with many ties to the Panthers. In the deal, Carolina only receives back a third round, and a fifth-round pick, while also freeing up over $9 million dollars in salary-cap space. Here’s what Ginnitti had to say about the Bills being a potential trade partner this off-season:

“Sending him to the Bills is not the best move for Carolina. It makes sense for Buffalo because you have a need at WR3, you have a need at running back, and I think the way Buffalo can use him, can help him stay healthy.”