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The former NFL Linebacker who is known to many as “The Pastor of Pain” joined Kyle Bailey on Tuesday’s edition of The Clubhouse as he reflected on the fallout with Super Bowl 56 and what he makes of all the third-party NIL companies in college football popping up.

Corey first started by looking back on Super Bowl 56 which the Rams won 23-20 as Corey loves Aaron Donald, but he is getting fed up with people calling him the greatest defender ever as he thinks people use that phrase way too much and while he loves Aaron Donald and he thinks he should have been the MVP of the Super Bowl, Donald does not come close to how special Corey’s former teammate in Lawrence Taylor was.

Corey then looked at the idea that with this Super Bowl win Matt Stafford should now be a Hall of Famer as Corey says he doesn’t think he is right now, but he notes that his career is still ongoing and that he might get an easier shot because of his overall stats and the fact that he plays the QB position could help his chances down the line.

The conversation then went to college football and the growing number of third party NIL groups that are starting to pop up all across the country and it’s impact on the game as Corey said he himself had been broached to join one of these groups not too long ago and he notes that all of this is technically not legal, but Corey thinks that all of this needs to be regulated sooner rather than later because the kids are going to follow the money and that will only help the richer.