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The Head Coach of the Davidson Wildcats Men’s Basketball Team Bob McKillop joined Kyle Bailey on Wednesday’s edition of the Clubhouse as he discussed what has made this year’s Davidson team so special, and how he is trying to stay focused and avoid any outside noise about this team.

Kyle first asked Bob about the big milestone he crossed last Saturday against La Salle as he coached in his 1,000th career game he told Kyle he can’t think about that stuff because he knows he can get easily distracted so he has to stay focused on the upcoming game, but he thinks he will reflect on it once he is done coaching. Bob also had the mindset when talking about this team possibly not having to win the A-10 Tournament to make the NCAA Tournament as he stated that if he starts focusing past their next opponent in George Washington he might as well be better off writing his own obituary.

The focus then went to the current 18-3 Wildcats as when asked by Kyle what makes this Davidson team special Coach McKillop told Kyle:

“We’ve got terrific assistant coaches and players and it’s a joy to get into the gym with them even on a practice day because they want to be taught and want to be coached.”

Bob also discussed some of the standout players as he praised the leadership that transfer Foster Loyer has brought to this team as well as showing belief with his free throw shooting in key situations. Bob also had high praise for Hyunjung Lee as he said every coach should have an opportunity to coach a guy like Hyunjung Lee as he is a special player and he does such a tremendous job in staying focused while facing the pressures of being one of the flagship players for Korean basketball.