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The Beat Reporter covering the Panthers for and dispenser of wisdom returned to The Clubhouse With Kyle Bailey on Tuesday as he gave a recap from the first practices of the Senior Bowl, and Darin went into what Scott Fitterer and the rest of the Panthers brass are keeping a close on throughout the week.

Kyle first started the interview off by asking Darin what Scott Fitterer is looking for most throughout the week at the Senior Bowl as Darin said GM Scott Fitterer told him that with the amount of the top QB’s all being in Mobile except for Matt Corral so they are really focusing in on the QBs with so many of them being at the same place at the same time. Darin also said this doesn’t mean they will take a QB at 6, and Darin didn’t also rule out the idea of the Panthers trying to take a veteran in free agency as well.

Darin also discussed his first look at some of the tackles as he told Kyle that while none of the top guys are here this weekend at that position, he pointed out that there are some really good guys here that could be in play for the Panthers if they trade down from the 6th pick, and he also specifically mentioned Minnesota Tackle Daniel Faalele because of his massive height and size as a guy to keep an eye on.

The situation with the Panthers lack of draft capital was the next topic as Darin said that while he thinks that Fitterer and the rest of the front office will entertain a trade down, Darin says he thinks that Scott really values having a pick in the top 10 and if he trades down, he doesn’t want to move that far down.

Kyle then asked about the Panthers new coaching hires and specifically new O-Line Coach James Campen as Darin told Kyle:

“I’ve had people from other teams tell me the Panthers got a good one in Campen as he is very respected throughout the league, and when you mention all of those Pro Bowl O-Lineman during his time in Green Bay a lot of those guys were not taken in the top 10.”