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Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp

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The Weekday Radio Host from 10 am to 2 pm weekdays on 106.7 The Fan alongside Brian Mitchell joined Kyle on Thursday’s edition of the Clubhouse to look at the possibility of Jay Gruden becoming the OC of the Panthers, and how former Panthers HC Ron Rivera is holding up in DC.

JP started right off the bat by looking at the Panthers interviewing former Washington HC Jay Gruden for their OC opening as JP told Kyle:

“Offensive Coordinator is the right place for him as he has a great offensive mind who is a smart playcaller who likes to establish the run but wouldn’t mind to chuck the ball down the field.”

Kyle then asked JP why Jay Gruden would go to the Panthers in this situation with a Head Coach who is on the hot seat as JP thinks it’s because he loves football so much and it has been a part of his whole life and he can’t go long without it so any chance he can get right back into the NFL circle even if it isn’t the best situation he has to take it.

When it comes to the current situation in Washington with former Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera JP told Kyle that this upcoming year could be a make or break for Ron and the key is that they are going to have to find a QB either from the draft or one of the big fish in the free agency pool.