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Panthers legendary WR turned Panthers preseason ad NFL Network Analyst Steve Smith joined Kyle Bailey on Tuesday’s edition of the Clubhouse to weigh in on the Panthers current search for an OC as well as the fallout from Super Wild Card Weekend.

Things started on the homefront with the Panthers and their ongoing search for an OC as Steve saw the concerns people had with the Panthers interviewing former Giants HC Ben McAdoo on Monday as he told the Panthers faithful:

“Panther fans slow down! You can say that Ben McAdoo wasn’t very good as a head coach, but because of what he did as an OC it automatically puts him in a conversation to say this man knows what he is doing offensively.”

Steve also said that whomever the OC will be it will be a huge benefit because it will give Rhule and company some of the problems or growths this team has had over the last 2 years due to not having boots on the ground.

When it came to the NFL Super Wild Card Round Steve thought one of the biggest storylines was the Cowboys blunder throughout the game against the 49ers as he told Kyle the last thing you need to do as a team is hand the game to the officials in the waning moments of the game and that’s what the Cowboys did along with giving the 49ers a 23-7 lead and committing 14 penalties.