The NBA Insider for Meadowlark Media and host of the Habershow joined Kyle Bailey on Wednesday’s edition of the Clubhouse as he reacted to the Hornets winning 2 straight games against the Bucks, and what the Hornets should do at the deadline.

Tom started things off by looking at the Hornets big 2 wins in a row over the Bucks as Tom told Kyle that it shows how this good this team can be with their elite offensive play and especially when they are feeling it from behind the arch and when the full buy-in on defense, and Tom said that another thing that makes the Hornets so dangerous is how anyone can be that go-to guy at any moment.

Despite all the positive vibes surrounding the Hornets Tom did voice some potential concerns to Kyle as he stated:


“I just worry that the Hornets might talk themselves into acquiring a big-name player at the deadline to try to capatilize on this recent stretch, and I just don’t know if that is good for the long-term plan.”


Tom does however think that the Hornets should make a move for Myles Turner as he is entering his prime, as he thinks with the Pacers sliding this year if Gordon Hayward could be a big potential trade piece if you get Myles Turner.

When it comes to the ceiling of this team, Tom told Kyle he thinks right now it is the 5 seed as the defense is still a concern, which makes games against teams like the 76er’s and Raptors very important.