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The Host and Reporter for Pro-Football Focus Trevor Sikkema joined Kyle Bailey on Tuesday’s edition of the Clubhouse as he looked at what he makes of the Panthers current situation, and how they can fix it moving forward.

The ball got rolling with Trevor looking at the Panthers process as he notes that when Rhule got here it was going to be a more long-term rebuild but the recent downswing in year 2 for the Rhule era makes you lose confidence in what Rhule is doing and moves like bargain hunting for a QB in both offseasons has been one of if not the biggest problems and it has led to firings already with Joe Brady.

Carolina Panthers v Arizona Cardinals

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On the flip side, Trevor still maintains that the Panthers had his favorite draft this past year and he said he has loved the aggressive nature in the way the Panthers have made their moves to fix the roster, but he thinks that they eventually need to hit on one of these big risks, or you’re going to be looking for a new coach sooner rather than later.

The conversation ended with a QB who has already been linked to the Panthers if they go QB in 2022 in Kenny Pickett as he has had a Joe Burrow type leap in college as Trevor thinks that while he may not have the most elite arm, he is an assassin between the ears which makes him able to win at the NFL level.