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College Football Analyst for Stadium TV Michael Felder joined Kyle Bailey on Tuesday’s edition of the Clubhouse as he reacted to the fallout from all of the conference championship games, and some of the latest ripple effects from this year’s coaching carousel.

The conversation started from on-the-field as when it came to Georgia’s loss to Alabama on Saturday Michael told Kyle that this was going to be inevitable when Kirby went against Nick Saban as Nick Saban would take care of some of the cracks in Georgia’s armor as when Bama’s offense went up-tempo to keep Jordan Davis on the field instead of letting Georgia rotate him out and wearing him down.

When it came to the playoff matchups he thinks Michigan-Georgia will be an interesting football as they want to win the same way and this month off could lead Michigan to come up with a trick up their sleeve as they had on Saturdays Big-Ten Championship Game. When it came to the Bama-Cincinnati matchup Michael thinks that Cinci will be bothersome due to how well they play man coverage against anyone and Bama struggled against Auburn and Arkansas with man coverage, but Michael doesn’t know how long that can keep the Bearcats in the game.

The weekly talk on the coaching carousel came next and Michael reacted live to news that former Dallas Cowboys HC Jason Garrett could be in the mix for the Duke Football job as Michael said in an exasperated tone:

“I don’t get it. Maybe they are trying to adapt what Herm Edwards is doing at Arizona State, but like nothing about this makes any sense to me.”

Michael also weighed in on the hire of Mario Cristobal to Miami as he stated that it was stupid and uninspiring as the stupid part was how they handled the departure of Manny Diaz. And the reason why the hire is uninspiring is that we just saw a Mario Christobal led Oregon team just get housed twice in 3 weeks by Utah.