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The Athletic Director for Virginia Tech joined Kyle Bailey on Friday’s edition of the Clubhouse as he broke down what went into hiring Brent Prye as the newest Head Football Coach for the Hokies, and how crazy this coaching cycle has been for college football as a whole.

Whit first discussed why he decided Brent Prye was the right man for the job at Virginia Tech as he said you always want someone who runs to your job opening and fortunately he was on the Hokies wishlist and it helps that he has a strong defensive background and can really recruit the Virginia area very well.

Kyle then asked about the craziness in this coaching cycle as Whit quickly told Kyle:

“I have not been apart of a coaching cycle like this. It’s not just about the head coaches but their will be a lot of staff turnover and I think this is going to swirl for quite a long time.”

Whit also expanded upon that quote as he thinks COVID played a factor in this year’s frenzy along with raising salaries and the arms race in college football as a whole and Whit doesn’t see this trend reversing as it is one of the possible detriments to all of the money and exposure that TV deals bring.

Kyle then shifted to the talk of the playoffs expanding and where Whit lands on the debate as Whit feels like the playoffs will expand, it’s just a matter of when as he is a fan of the idea of more people getting a shot, he is just worried about the players possibly getting more banged up with more games.