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UConn v Clemson

Source: Jacob Kupferman / Getty

The Clemson Tigers have rallied in the past few weeks to a 7-3 record following a slow start to the season and still have the opportunity to end up in the ACC Championship Game. Even with the rally, which can be topped off with a win over No. 10 Wake Forest this weekend, there are questions abound for a program that has been one of the most dominant in all college football for the better part of the last decade. One of the biggest ones that have been tossed back and forth the most recently has been if this is a one-year trip up or if this is a long term issue that could cause them to be a different team than the one that we have become accustomed to them being.

Wes Bryant of the ACC Digital Network stops by with the Mac Attack this morning to give his opinion on the situation and he seems to think that this is more than just one down season. “When you watch them play, when you see the rotations, do you see guys where your like ‘wow this guy’s gonna be the next this, this guy’s going to be the next that? I don’t.” Bryant said that the defense still has the names going forward, but the offense does not and it all starts with one man’s struggles. “I think DJ (Uiagalelei)’s lack of star power and him not being the guy that we thought I think has set them back a lot.” Uiagalelei has struggled this season and Bryant told the guys that Cade Klubnik could be the solution, but that it will take some time with his slight frame.

Bryant ultimately believes that the lack of depth currently is the biggest reason to be concerned about the Tigers outlook moving forward. “I just don’t see the depth as far as seeing superstars in waiting that I have in the past.” If this actually comes to fruition, which is far from a guarantee, then the door is officially open in the ACC and there are a host of teams that will have a chance to take advantage of it over the next couple of years.