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Even millionaires love a good deal, right? 

Rapper Meek Mill recently stopped by New York’s Got Sole sneaker convention over the weekend, and while browsing the booths, he happened upon one of the most sought-after releases of the past year, the “Pine Green” Nike SB x Air Jordan 4.

The sneakers were released in limited quantities back in March and are known to sell for upwards of $500. Meek was interested in copping the sneakers from one of the sellers but tried to get a deal after being told they cost $500.

Meek didn’t want to pay full price and attempted to use his star power to convince him to come down on price and suggest he might spend more.

“I could buy these from the store for the regular price. Why would I buy them here for $500? And give you a free commercial. That’s a bad move. I gotta teach you how to hustle,” the Philly rapper proposed.

However, the seller wasn’t budging or excepting any lowball offers.

“I could buy these at the store right now for $300. And you want $500?” Meek Mill told the reseller. “That’s a bad move. I’m going to buy them from you, but that’s a bad sale. I’m going to buy it from you. I might come back and buy more. Now I’m going to the next table and might spend $5,000.”

Meek’s claim that he could get them for $300 in-store right now is unlikely because the resell value is for at least $150 more, and he’d have to buy them on the secondary market on sites like StockX.

Meek peels off five 100 dollar bills from his stack and hands them to the seller, but was more apt to help him grow his business and clientele.

“You’re supposed to give it to Meek Mill for the low, do a commercial, and boom, I might come back and buy more,” he added.

Meek has since responded to the controversy online, stressing that social media never tells the whole story, and he was glad to bring more publicity to the event.

“He was trying to get me at his table … and I got these Jordan 3timex for the regular price go look at my old pics. “I showed a lot of people in there love … the controlled narrative want it to look one way!” he wrote on his Instagram stories. “Ask them what I came in the room and did … the internet can’t feel it s really not normal [stars emoji] that’s why I still paid him I don’t think y’all will never Get my mental correct [stars emoji] I came there to bring the whole event attention [wink emoji].”

See how social media feels about Meek trying to make a deal with the seller for a lower price below.

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