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Former Panthers LT, Hall of Honor member, and Color Analyst on the Panthers Radio Network Jordan Gross joined Kyle Bailey on Friday’s edition of the Clubhouse as he looked at whether or not Brady Christensen can stick at LT, and what may lie ahead for the Panthers.

Jordan first started by answering the simple question of if Brady Christensen can be the LT of the future for the Panthers as Jordan said, of course, he could, and despite the concerns about his arm length he thinks he has the skillset to be a successful Left Tackle, but Jordan said it would be perfectly fine if he turns into a really good Guard as well.

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers

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Jordan then went into the notion of arm length and why so many people make that a deal-breaker when evaluating offensive lineman and whether or not to keep them at tackle of moving them inside to Guard as he told Kyle:

“It’s adventagous to be longer in the arms. There has been many times where I wished I had longer arms like when I went against Michael Strahan, but there has to be a threshold and maybe Brady is at the point where it is questionable but it’s not a definate no for Brady at LT.”

When it came to this offseason Jordan thinks the new offensive coordinator could be in the mold of a guy who had more NFL coaching experience and could maybe even be a former HC as it would be a huge help to Sam Darnold or either a QB that you draft.

Jordan ended by looking at the uncertain future of Cam Newton as he told Kyle that he thinks his time in Carolina will likely be done, but he still thinks there is a role for him in the NFL entering 2022 and he hopes he stays in the league.