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Duke v Wake Forest

Source: Grant Halverson / Getty

The attention of the college basketball world the last few days has centered on Winston-Salem and it is all for different reasons than it should have people. Following Wake Forest’s win over the Duke Blue Devils in Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Duke center Kyle Filipowski collided with a Wake Forest student, causing him to have been helped back to the locker room with what Filipowski said afterward was a knee injury.

The injury has some pushing for court storming to the be eliminated from the sports, including the head coach of the Blue Devils, Jon Scheyer. “I’m ​concerned ​about ​the ​well ​being ​of ​our ​guys. ​Flip ​sprains ​his ​ankle. ​When ​are ​we ​gonna ​ban ​courtstorming? ​How ​many ​times ​does ​a ​player ​have ​to ​get ​into ​something ​where ​they ​get ​punched ​or ​they ​get ​pushed ​or ​they ​get ​taunted ​right ​in ​their ​face? ​It’s ​a ​dangerous ​thing. You ​look ​around ​the ​country ​and ​Caitlin ​Clark, ​something ​happens, ​and ​now ​Flip, ​I ​don’t ​know ​what ​his ​status ​is ​going ​to ​be. ​When ​I ​played, ​at ​least ​it ​was ​10 ​seconds ​off ​the ​court, ​you ​would ​storm ​the ​court. ​Now ​it’s ​the ​buzzer ​doesn’t ​even ​go ​off, ​and ​they’re ​running ​on ​the ​floor. ​This ​has ​happened ​to ​us ​a ​bunch ​this ​year. That ​needs ​to ​stop.”

ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas proposed what he thinks would be an immediate solution earlier today on First Take. “All ​you ​have ​to ​do ​is ​once ​they’re ​on ​the ​court, don’t ​let ​them ​off. Just ​say ​you’re ​all ​detained ​and ​give ​them ​all ​citations or ​arrest them ​if ​you ​want ​to, ​and ​then ​courtstormings ​will stop ​the ​next ​day. There’s ​no ​accountability ​for this. ​The ​fans ​feel ​like ​it’s ​an ​entitlement, ​and ​the ​universities ​like ​it. ​And ​the ​truth ​is, ​we ​like ​it.”

Earlier today on the Mac & Bone Show, his ESPN counterpart, Jon Crispin, said he doesn’t want to overreact to this incident. “Everybody ​relax.  ​It ​seems ​like ​when ​something ​like ​this ​happens, ​we ​overreact ​because ​we ​like ​to ​have ​something ​to ​talk ​about. ​Right? ​We ​go ​right ​to ​it and ​I ​get ​that, ​but ​let’s ​just ​take ​a ​breath ​for ​a ​second ​and ​say to ourselves, do ​we ​really ​want ​to ​take ​that ​away? ​I ​don’t ​know. ​We’re ​already ​losing ​interest ​in ​the ​game. ​We ​really ​don’t ​want ​to ​take ​something ​like ​that ​away.”

Fellow Mac & Bone Show Monday guest Grace Grill agrees that banning court storming is too much. “I ​couldn’t ​believe ​that ​people ​were ​this ​passionate ​about ​wanting ​the ​court ​storming ​to ​be ​banned. ​I’m ​like, ​are ​you ​sports ​fans ​or ​not? ​This ​is ​a ​part ​of college ​athletics. ​You ​don’t ​see ​this ​in ​the ​pro ​game, ​and ​this ​is ​what ​makes ​college ​athletics ​so ​great, ​is ​that ​it’s ​that ​passionate.”

As you can see, the sides are on this debate, but there is no denying that this situation has the sport considering serious changes for the first time ever.