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Carolina Panthers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers - December 26, 2004

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The Carolina Panthers have concluded one of their offseason searches as of Monday. Shortly before 6:00 PM last night, the team announced that they were elevating the current assistant general manager to the general manager and president of football operations roles.

Kyle Bailey was on-air along with Evan ‘Smoke’ Ludwig and gave their reactions to the hire. “I don’t love it but I don’t hate it,” Ludwig offered up. “It’s underwhelming, but I also wonder if there are more dominos to fall.” Bailey agrees that this is a complex hire. “It’s tough on the one hand to separate his resume from what happened here with Scott Fitterer. At the same time, though, he did work somewhere else independently of Scott Fitterer in Buffalo, so it is not as if he hasn’t been part of other successful organizations, too. The truth is, I don’t know.”

Mac and Bone got their chance to react this morning to the move and shared similar thoughts to their drivetime companions. “I think it’s a mixed bag,” Bone said. “No one really dislikes Morgan from the player that he was to those that know him, it’s just where he’s been the last couple of years and how much he has to do with what has happened.” Mac agreed with Bone and is now focused on what the team will do with the scouting department. “If you keep it in house for the lead personnel guy and then you go through the draft and don’t change any scouts at all, what are we doing here.”

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