Is Charlotte now a Hornets town? 

Atlanta Hawks v Charlotte Hornets

Source: Jared C. Tilton / Getty

With Charlotte buzzing about the Hornets young core, it makes the Mac Attack question if this town is now a Hornets town more than anything else. Mac says in he has been in Charlotte since 2005 and that he has never seen this much excitement with the Hornets. Fans don’t seem to be as excited about College Basketball due to Duke and UNC having down years, so it is the perfect time for the Hornets to be the biggest show in town.

Another thing they mention as to why the Hornets could be the biggest draw in the city, is 1st round draft pick LaMelo Ball. T-Bone mentions how LaMelo isn’t going anywhere for at least 4 or 5 years so he thinks this team will be the most exciting thing in the city for the time being. Mac compares LaMelo to what Cam was with the Panthers, and says he will be a star in the NBA.

They also ask if the Hornets could sustain this once the Panthers get through their rebuild. Unless the Panthers get a character like Cam Newton who is a star, I see this town being the Hornets’ own for a long time.