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The Head Coach of the Charlotte 49ers Football Team joined Kyle Bailey on Thursday’s edition of the Clubhouse as he discussed the 49ers’ disappointing end to the season, and how he plans to fix it in time for a big 2022 season.

Will and Kyle started out by discussing some of the biggest stories happening around college football right now as with expansion in the College Football Playoff Will think that all of the potential changes to the format will likely happen after all the dust settles with realignment which is still unknown when all of that will be settled.

Over the last week, College Football has seen some massive defections in the coaching ranks as when asked about why he thinks this is happening Will stated that it signals that you don’t have long to fix things no matter what program you are at as in cases like Brian Kelly leaving Notre Dame for LSU he thinks it’s solely to get a better shot at a national championship as when it comes to guys like a Dave Clawson or a Matt Campbell they will be pickier because they want to have continuity and more stable quality of life.

Kyle then turned the focus to the 49ers’ disappointing end to the season as Will told Kyle:

“We did not finish the way I would want to finish. Losing 5 of 6 is unacceptable. We should 100% be talking about what bowl game we are going to. It’s dissapointing and it’s on the Head Coach.”

Reports came out earlier this week that the 49ers have made some changes to the coaching staff as Will said that both he and his staff kind of knew it was going to happen, but you wished that something would change but it just didn’t happen. Will said that when you have groups that don’t reach their potential you have to make changes as he had to separate friendships with some of these coaches in order to change things up.

Will expanded upon some of the defensive struggles throughout the year as he thinks the 49ers didn’t have enough productivity rushing the passer and it took too long to get interior pressure this year as Will said they need to focus on getting strong guys upfront to help the guys in the back end of the secondary. Will said the secondary was probably left on an island a little too much but at points, the guys struggled. Will also told Kyle that he is not married to the 4-2-5 defense, but it gives Charlotte the best chance to win with what they have right now.