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Carolina Panthers v Cleveland Browns

Source: Jason Miller / Getty

The Beat Reporter covering the Panthers for the Charlotte Observer joined Kyle Bailey on Wednesday’s edition of The Clubhouse as he broke down the Panthers trading for QB Baker Mayfield and what it took to get there.

Ellis started with Kyle by explaining what finally got the trade for the former #1 overall pick to be agreed by both parties as he explained that Baker finally was willing to trim down $3.5 million dollars worth of his 5th-year option to go along with the Browns eating $10.5 million as the Panthers will only pay out $5 million of Baker’s contract.

While not everyone was fully on-board with Baker Ellis pointed up that what they had to give up for him making it good business for the Panthers was more important for everyone involved as it was a compromise within the building that will lead to a QB battle in Spartanburg.

If Sam Darnold loses the QB battle to Baker Mayfield Ellis said it would likely slide him into the spot of the most expensive backup QB in the NFL, but he can’t predict what will happen around the league if a starting QB gets hurt and it could lead to Darnold possibly being traded, but for now the Panthers are excited with the QB room, and it also gives rookie Matt Corral the time to grow as well.

Things ended with Kyle asking Ellis what the potential long-term move for the Panthers could be with Baker if he plays well as Ellis told Kyle:

“Mapping this out I think Baker (Mayfield) has a chance to prove himself as the long-term answer here, but both sides have to be thinking in the short-term with this, and depending on how things go they will make that decision down the line.”