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Nick Young Made His Boxing Debut & It Was An Absolute Joke

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Celebrity boxing is fun to watch but proves that the sport isn’t for everybody. Former NBA star Nick Young proves that anyone CAN’T step in a boxing ring and get busy. 

37-year-old Nick “Swaggy P” Young showed up to the Social Gloves 2 celebrity boxing event looking like he had been slam dunking Oreo cookies and not basketballs.

In his unscored 5-round exhibition boxing match against internet star Minikon, the former Los Angeles Laker put his awful boxing skills on display that definitely had Kobe Bryant shaking his head from the afterlife. minikon filled in for rapper Blueface, who is too busy fighting with his on-and-off girlfriend. 

Nick Young Literally Fell Out of The Ring

Once the bell rang, the 6’7 overconfident shooting guard couldn’t hide his lack of boxing ability, but he did use his height advantage to keep his opponent at bay.

That was all the strategy he had to show because both “boxers” got tired once they made it to the third round, but that’s not what social media is talking about. Twitter has been in stitches after the video of Young flying out of the ring hit timelines. According to Swaggy P, he was the victim of an “illegal headbutt,” but if you go back to replay, that claim is quite questionable.


The fight ended in the third round after Minikon landed a punch to the back of Young’s head. “I felt good, I hit him a lot, I felt I came and did what I had to do. He hit me with a cheap shot, and that’s what you’ve got to do when you’re losing. I don’t want him getting a headbutt at the end and thinking he won off a headbutt, I don’t know how you can think he won,” Nick Young said after the fight.

Nick Young Was Clearly Out of Shape

Nick Young’s physique was also the topic of discussion, with many comparing him to Damon Wayan’s out-of-shape champion James The Grim Reaper Roper from the iconic comedy, The Great White Hype.

You can peep more reactions to Nick Young in the gallery below.

Photo: John McCoy / Getty

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