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Former Panthers Safety Tre Boston joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse in-studio today as he weighed in on the Panthers offensive struggles, and if he thinks the rebuild under Matt Rhule is still on track or off the rails.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers

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The conversation first started with Tre looking at the Panthers struggles on offense as he thinks they will be relying on Christian McCaffrey too much now that Sam is hurt and he is concerned that Christian will get hurt again because of it which makes him want to see the Panthers make a run for Cam Newton to return to the Panthers because he is the only guy who gives you a chance to stay in the playoff hunt, but Tre notes that it will take a lot for that to happen.

The drama circulating the offense continued as Tre turned to Joe Brady and the offensive identity as it seems like the Panthers are figuring out if they want to be a physical rushing team or an all-out passing attack as they got to figure out how to mesh the two concepts together and they have to figure something out soon because none of this is consistent and Tre wonders if Joe Brady really wants to call the plays he truly wants to.

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons

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In the final segment with Tre, Kyle asked about the rebuild as a whole for the Panthers and Tre replied:

“I do believe the Panthers are still heading in the right direction, but we have to figure out the position because if you don not have an elite QB you most likely are not making it to the playoffs so you got to fix that position.”