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I’m always looking to learn things, both personally and professionally.

I try to keep an open mind because you never know what might unlock a great lesson or opportunity.

That’s a big reason why I agreed to fill in this week on our sister station Mix 107.9 (Charlotte’s Best Mix by the way.) I’m always looking for something that I can learn and then bring it back to my show on the sports side to make it better.

With that…allow me to brag a bit: I can twerk now, guys. It happened so quick, I couldn’t honestly believe it at first.

As a man who has limited junk in my trunk, I had long given up my dreams about twerking like a King. Admittedly, I was worried that I might give myself a back injury trying to pop that thang but sometimes, the right people are put in your life to bring out the best in you.

Fortunately, this week I was paired with Mix’s Producer extraordinaire and Twerk-u-lator Eric Kelley. This is a man who knows Beyonce’s dance moves by heart and will demonstrate them for you (whether you want to see them or not.)

After mere seconds with my twerking sensei, the stars aligned and positive results were immediate.

As you can see, I threw it back and then someone. One might say, I brought the twerk back.

Honestly, twerking opens up a whole new world for me. Maybe Tik Tok stardom isn’t a ridiculous goal for me. If financial hard times hit, Only Fans might be a realistic way to make ends meet. I’m not saying I want any of this but its always nice to have options.

Beyond that, I think we can all agree that Mrs. Wilson doesn’t know what is headed her way later this afternoon. Prayers up.

This is also a pretty important to lesson to the young men, sans ass, in America that one day you can find your own twerking Mr. Miyagi and unlock the greatness in your hips. We don’t have to let our lack of booty hold us back any longer.

Mind you, its only my second day on Mix 107.9. I have several more days to unlock other potential skills that might be lying dormant.

For now, enjoy that hip action and pray that I resemble the man you once knew, loved and possibly respected when I get back next week.

To quote the great Doc Brown, of Back to the Future fame, “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”