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The Panthers 1st Round Draft Pick and newest corner Jaycee Horn dropped by the Clubhouse on Tuesday as he talked it up with Kyle Bailey on a multitude of topics just days after being drafted 8th overall.


Jaycee first got into what he learned from his father in former Saints Pro-Bowl Wideout in Joe Horn growing up as Jaycee stated he didn’t start playing corner until his Junior year of High School, but he has given him advice on what a receiver might be thinking in a different situation as Jaycee said it helped him a lot.

Kyle then asked the Panthers rookie a comment he made last week that he connected with Matt Rhule more than other coaches as Jaycee said it felt comfortable talking to him compared to most other NFL coaches who are uptight and strict.

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The last thing that Kyle asked Jaycee what he feels like he needs to work on the most before the start of the season as Jaycee responded to Kyle by saying he can clean up his technique and working on having softer hands along with many other drills that help improve DB play on a daily basis.