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Jordan Brand/Nike

Jordan Brand has unveiled a first look at New Orleans Pelicans star Zion Williamson’s first signature shoe and apparel line on Tuesday.

The Zion 1 was “designed for the transcendent athletic possibility of the power forward’s game,” according to a statement by Nike. It also marks a new era for Jordan ushering in a new generation of NBA talent featuring Williamson and others. A group that will one day “take the baton” from veteran stars like Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul.

“As a kid you just say it to put in the atmosphere like, ‘Hey, I want my own signature shoe’, but as you get older you see it is tough to get your own signature shoe,” says Williamson. “Things have to really go your way, and I just want to thank Jordan Brand for the opportunity because I don’t think it has hit me yet.”

Williamson signed with Jordan Brand in 2019, shortly after the former Duke phenom entered the NBA. The energy and enthusiasm he has exhibited towards the game of basketball is one of the reasons why Jordan wanted to offer an exclusive line with him.

“From the time he was in high school, Zion keeps you right on the edge of your seat,” says Howard “H” White, VP, Jordan Brand Affairs. “You know that anything can happen. It’s like looking at a famous painting. No one’s really arguing about how special it is. All you can do is be in awe at what he does.”

The first release of Zion 1’s happened today at the Nike Community Store in Elmwood, LA which is near New Orleans. A limited nationwide release is scheduled for April 23.