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Jacksonville Jaguars v Carolina Panthers

Source: Jacob Kupferman / Getty

The legendary WR for the Carolina Panthers turned NFL Network and Panthers preseason analyst Steve Smith joined Kyle Bailey for an impromptu visit to The Clubhouse to weigh in on some pretty big questions surrounding the Panthers heading into training camp.

Steve called into The Clubhouse after Kyle and Smoke were debating if Baker Mayfield would be the 2nd or 3rd best QB in the NFC South this year as Steve said it isn’t the best situation to be arguing about who is better between Baker and Jameis (Winston) when neither player will likely be lighting the world on fire. This conversation also got Steve to question what the identity is of this Panthers team.

Steve went on to explain his point by telling Kyle:

“Whether it’s Baker Mayfield or Sam Darnold, when the Carolina Panthers roll off the bus and they cut to a picture or something on social media does fear really strike you right now with the Panthers? We’re in the bottom 12 of teams that are worth covering and no matter who the QB is all 3 phases have to play better.”

Things switched over to Christian McCaffrey heading into training camp after 2 injury-prone seasons as Steve pointed out that resting CMC throughout practices is smart for the Panthers to do, he gets hurt while he is on the field and he has missed a crucial amount of time.