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LIV Golf Invitational - London Draft

Source: Aitor Alcalde/LIV Golf / Getty

Former PGA Tour Golfer and Co-Host of Inside The Ropes on Sirius XM Dennis Paulson joined Kyle Bailey on Tuesday’s edition of The Clubhouse to discuss the potential impact of the LIV Golf Tour, and the long road back that Tiger Woods is fighting through.

Things started off by looking at the potential impact of the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Tour as Dennis said we simply don’t know what to expect because we haven’t seen it play out and some of the rules we do know sound really gimmicky, but everyone said the same thing about the FedEx Cup when it was created and it is now a big hit. Dennis also told Kyle that this tour will fail if they do not pry enough big-name players to play and they run out of resources just like every other business.

When it comes to how the PGA Tour could punish these players for playing in the LIV Golf Tour Dennis said it seems like a very soft stance right now as the stance is “Subject to Disciplinary Action” and that is all we know at this point.

Kyle then asked Dennis if there are any legitimate gripes about the current state of the PGA Tour specifically from Phil Mickelson as Dennis said:

“That statement that Phil made about the PGA has 3 Billion Dollars tucked away and hoarding money is a comment that no one can figure out.”

The conversation ended with Tiger Woods and his struggles of coming back from his 2021 car accident as Dennis said he has been dealt a couple of bad hands with his injuries along with how poor the weather was on “Moving Day” and the conditions don’t help his body, especially since he wants to win and not just be there.