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NFL: MAR 02 Scouting Combline

Source: Icon Sportswire / Getty

The GM of the Carolina Panthers Scott Fitterer joined Kyle Bailey on Wednesday’s edition of The Clubhouse as he looked at some of the key components he is looking for from the players at the combine and what the future holds for some of the Panthers upcoming free agents.

The first topic broached with Scott Fitterer was the recent extension of TE Ian Thomas as Scott said to Kyle that Ian fits what new OC Ben McAdoo is wanting from this offense as a blocking TE who still has potential as a route runner and he also brings an advantage to the offense that confuses defenses of what personnel the Panthers will be in when he is out on the field.

With the combine, Scott said the number 1 priority is figuring out who these players are, as this is the time where we can ask questions about the players to the players themselves and also possibly get questions answered about concerns for a certain player.

Kyle then asked Scott if he and the Panthers have fallen in love with a QB in this year’s draft like some people have thought since the Senior Bowl as Scott responded:

“No because the thing is you want to keep an open mind and figure out what is best for the team. I know it sounds cliche but it’s true.”

Scott also dismissed an earlier report from NFL Network Analyst Daniel Jeremiah as Scott said he saw the report and said even though Offensive Line is a big emphasis this offseason, to say they are going to take an offensive lineman at 6 no matter what is not his style as they have to keep their options open and look at every opportunity.

The conversation ended with Kyle asking Scott if he has recently talked to Owner David Tepper as he told us he has and the 2 pieces of advice he has gotten from the owner is to fix the offensive line and build this right way which means don’t force anything and don’t miss on our own players.