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Tennessee Titans v Carolina Panthers

Source: Steve Limentani/ISI Photos / Getty


With the Panthers have lost 7 of their last 9 games, many people have their opinions of the team, as they currently sit at 5-7 coming off their bye. Last Friday, former Panthers safety Tre Boston joined Wilson & Norfleet to talk about the struggles of his former team. When asked specifically about the issues for the team, Boston replied: ” I believe it’s an identity crisis. Right now we just don’t know who we want to be. We don’t know if we’re the 3-0 Panthers, the four straight loss Panthers, we don’t know if we want to run the ball, pass the ball. We were a good defensive team. We don’t know if we want to play good defense anymore. It’s all about getting back to your roots. Getting back to what you’re successful at. Yesterday the Panthers fired offensive coordinator Joe Brady, so it’s safe to say even they don’t know what they are successful at themselves. Tre would later go on to say that he thinks this Sunday’s game at home against the division rival Atlanta Falcons is a must-win and would go a long way for the confidence of the team heading into 2022, which could be a pivotal season for Matt Rhule, in terms of his long term tenure in Carolina.