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NFL: OCT 31 Panthers at Falcons

Source: Icon Sportswire / Getty

The Carolina Panthers start to the bye week has produced more disappointment following the two-game losing streak that has pushed to the outside looking in at the NFC playoffs. On Monday, running back Christian McCaffrey was deemed out for the season with an unspecified leg injury which has left many confused and wondering about the future of the star running back. Tuesday shifted the focus to the other side of the football when Donte Jackson was placed on the IR with a groin injury.

Some people have questioned whether or not this is a decision by the players to be shut down for the season with things trending in the direction that they, but Riot Report writer Josh Klein, who joined the Mac Attack this morning, says there is no way that is the deal. “These guys want to be out there,” Klein said. “I mean, Donte Jackson, the last five games could make him three, four, five, six million dollar in free agency next year. I don’t think he wants to go out there and say ‘hey, I just have my career-low in interception because I missed the last five games of the season’, sign me to this huge cornerback deal.”

Klein thinks that the Panthers are in a good spot regardless of what whether Jackson, who he believes will get a big deal in the offseason, returns to the Panthers or leaves. “The Panthers would like to have Donte Jackson back. He has matured and grown in this defense. Ultimately, when you look at who else is on the roster: you draft a corner with the eighth pick in the draft, you trade a third-round pick for CJ Henderson, you got Keith Taylor playing better than anyone expected him to as a fifth-round pick, A.J. Boyue’s here next year. That corner room is ready to accept the loss of Donte Jackson.”