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Dallas Mavericks v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game Two

Source: Joshua Gateley / Getty

It doesn’t take much for a sports press conference to be awkward.

There could be a player forced to sit behind a mic moments after losing a big game or them just flat out not liking the line of questioning from a reporter, but for Luka Doncic, it was much worse.

His Dallas Mavericks beat the Oklahoma City Thunder to even up the Western Conference Semifinals. However, before reporters could discuss his 29-point performance, sounds from an adult video piping through the speakers.

Right in the middle of answering why they won Game 2, the sounds of a woman moaning could be heard throughout the room. Doncic awkwardly looked around for a few seconds before dropping his head as the entire room laughed.

“Okay, moving on,” another reporter says to hopefully end the moment.

However, Doncic raises his head immediately and covers his face as he turns red from laughing.

“I hope that’s not live,” he says with a smile on his face as the reporters erupt.

But after the joke died down, the 25-year-old explained the resilience he had to show to get the job done, saying, “It was one of the hardest games I’ve had to play.”

The Oklahoma City Thunder—led by Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Chet Holmgren—have been proving why they deserved the first seed in the West, and last night’s game was their first loss in the postseason.

While Doncic did drop nearly 30 points while managing a knee sprain, his teammates stepped up, including PJ Washington’s 29-point performance and Tim Hardway Jr., who provided a much-needed scoring burst en route to the 119-110 win.

But see how social media is reacting to the hilarious press conference situation below.

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