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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JUL 18 SEC Football Kickoff Media Days

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Jokes are fun until one goes a bit too far.

Off-color and slightly offensive jokes are common during sports broadcasts where pundits have free-flowing conversations between games. Talking about someone’s outfit, haircut, or terrible sports takes is one thing, but bringing their loved one in on it is too far, at least for Benjamin Watson during a live SEC Network show.

Watson, who won a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots, was getting clowned for wearing a brighter suit while his three cohosts all opted for darker options.

“By the way, did you not get the memo on the suits? We all went dark today. You’re like Easter service,” joked Peter Burns.

“Y’all kinda left me out. But as long as I get that text from my wife that says I look good,” Watson retorted while holding up his phone. “Send me the text, baby; send me the text.”

Burns responded, “That’s not the text she sent me.”

The camera soon cut to highlights, and then the halftime report returned with just Chris Doeren and former Auburn linebacker Takeo Spikes on set… without Burns and Watson. Watson eventually walks on set with a serious look on his face when Doeren makes a reference to Will Smith’s Oscars slap by asking if he told Burns “to keep your wife’s name out your mouth.”

Burns was clearly still upset about the joke hours later, saying that his wife deserves an apology.

See how Twitter is reacting below.

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