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New York Knicks v Brooklyn Nets

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Still unvaccinated Brooklyn Nets superstar Kyrie Irving can add LeBron James to the list of people who feel he should be able to play home games. 

Despite the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions by NYC Mayor Eric Adams, Kyrie Irving is still unable to suit up for home games at the Barclays Arena and away games at Madison Square Garden. There is still a mandate in place for private-sector employees. This means Irving is allowed to be a spectator in the building but can’t suit up to play. Despite it being proven that the vaccines is safe and effective and his teammates being vaccinated, Irving is still standing firm in his stance against getting the jab.

Irving decided to show up to Sunday’s afternoon matchup with New York Knicks by actually purchasing a ticket and sitting courtside. By mandate, he is not allowed to sit on the bench. The move is clearly Irving’s way of taking a shot at the system and showing the rule makes no sense, and his former teammate, Lebron James, agreed.

In response to a tweet pointing to how “ridiculous” the situation is, James wrote on Twitter, “FACTS FACTS FACTS!! It literally makes ABSOLUTELY ZERO SENSE!!! They say if common sense was common then we’d all have it. Ain’t that the truth,” adding “#FreeKyrie.”

Last time we checked, Kyrie Irving isn’t a political prisoner and can quickly fix this situation by getting vaccinated, something Jalen Rose accurately pointed out during halftime.

As expected, “#FreeKyrie” has picked up steam on social media following James’ tweet. We won’t be shocked if Kareem Abdul Jabbar flames LBJ on Twitter again following Bron Bron’s latest tweet.


Irving is only eligible to play in the four road games against the Orlando Magic, Memphis Grizzlies, Miami Heat, and Atlanta Hawks. The Nets’ final road game is against the New York Knicks, but if the NYC vaccine mandate is still being enforced, he will not be able to play in Madison Square Garden.

You can peep more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Sarah Stier / Getty

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