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Ja Morant is being sued by a teen accusing him of assault during a pickup basketball game. Now, he's countersuing said teen.

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Ja Morant‘s legal woes just got a bit more entangled.

The Memphis Grizzlies star is under fire for allegedly getting a high schooler beat up during a pickup game at his home.

Morant’s ready to speak his peace and says the 17-year-old, named Joshua Holloway, is lying about the July 2022 incident, adding he was the one that was actually threatened and filed a countersuit.

TMZ obtained court documents filed in Shelby County, Tennessee, where Morant admits there was an altercation but paints a different picture of events.

“Morant says after things ‘got heated’ during the game, Holloway intentionally threw a basketball at Morant’s face. The teen then, according to Morant, “balled up his fists and walked aggressively” toward the NBA star ‘as if to attack him.’” writes TMZ.

Morant admits that he did hit the kid but claims it was only done for self-defense, and even after a tussle, he says the teen threatened to come back to his home and light it up “like a firework show.”

The claim alerted the NBA baller and others at the residence believed the statement was “a threat to use a gun.”

The two-time NBA all Star says the lies don’t stop there and that the teenager lied about Morant having a gun in his possession after the fight.

“Morant said in the docs that once the boy’s fabricated story became public through the media, it caused him ridicule and humiliation,” writes TMZ.

Morant is now countersuing Holloway for slander, battery and assault. He’s asking for unspecified damages. The countersuit comes after Holloway initially sued Morant in September, claiming Morant and his crew jumped him following a dispute during a pickup game.

See how Twitter’s reacting to Ja Morant’s countersuit below.

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