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Russell Westbook Talks Tulsa Massacre Docuseries With Trevor Noah

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Russell Westbrook has changed teams, but the leader of the “Why Not?” movement’s energy remains the same.

Thursday night (Feb.18) on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Westbrook sat down with the comedian/television host and spoke on many items in his life like the Tulsa Massacre docuseries and, of course, his very unique eye for fashion. Noah kicked off the interview asking the Washington Wizards’ new point guard about moving to a new city during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Brodie acknowledged it is hard but gave all the credit to his wife for making sure they were comfortably situated in D.C. while taking care of the couple’s children.

“Well, the first thing is, moving during COVID has been crazy,” Westbrook opened up. “Um, unfortunately, you know I would probably say my wife probably had to take more of the responsibility of getting the kids and getting everything acclimated, finding a new place to say, making sure, obviously we’re traveling safely and making sure we are doing the right things.”

On the subject of his style, Westbrook expressed that he dresses himself, and that’s what makes his style is so unique.

‘Well, you know, I’m dressing my number one,” Westbrook proudly boasted. “To me, that’s the most unique thing about it, is that I wake up, and I just go for what I feel. Fashion is something that I, you know, personally love to do, and embrace the ability to be able to express myself through clothes. I think that’s the best part of fashion.”

Finally, Noah asked Westbrook why he decided to make a docuseries about the Tulsa Race Massacre and why he felt it was important to tell the story?

“Being in Oklahoma for 11 years, I was able to kind of connect with the people and obviously connect with the history of the community. And to me, that’s the most important part,” Westbrook revealed. “Being able to travel to Tulsa, kind of up and back, through my years there. I didn’t know anything about the Tulsa Massacre, Black Wall Street until I got there. And then once I heard about it, I was in shock because I was surprised that nobody, especially our African-American communities, our people that have Black-owned businesses, didn’t understand the impact that the massacre had on the world and how it can change our future instantly.”

“I was lucky enough to be able to connect with Stanley [Nelson] and obviously now with History [Channel], create this docuseries to be able to not just show everybody what happened, but educate ourselves to be able now, in the future, find ways to be able to help impact our community and especially our Black-owned businesses and kind of uplift them.”

You can watch the entire interview below.

Photo: Edward Berthelot / Getty

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