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Mark from Gastonia

Source: Ally Kirtley / WFNZ

Last night, WFNZ listener Mark Baker passed away after a two and a half month battle cancer. The man known as Mark from Gastonia or MFG was beloved by everyone at the station, but especially the morning show, where he has been one of the more frequent callers for the better part of the last decade and a half.

Baker, 54, was diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer back in February but didn’t stop fighting, something that was a theme for him since birth. Baker was given just weeks to live when he was born after being diagnosed with a rare heart defect, odds he would beat, allowing him to go on to the create the lasting legacy that he has here in the Queen City. For more on Mark, check out this article written by Théoden James of the Charlotte Observer on him.

Earlier this morning on the Mac & Bone Show, the fellas shared some amazing memories of him before allowing fans to share some of theirs with him as well. The crew also put together a three minute montage of Baker’s best moments both on the station and in TV interviews when they did the feature piece on him following his diagnosis. All of that can be heard in the special 27 minute clip that we have at the bottom of this article for you.

From everyone at WFNZ, we would like to send our condolences to the Baker family. Thank you for allowing us to have this glowing light in our lives for the last 15+ years. May he rest in peace.