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Sprite, LeBron James Unveil Refurbished Basketball Court In Akron

Source: Duane Prokop / Getty

LeBron James may live in Las Angeles however home is where the heart is, he made a promise to his hometown of Akron to give not only give back but to transform his childhood community into better lives for the future.  He started with a dream and an I Promise now his vision is coming to fruition just as promised as The LeBron James Family Foundation has purchased the legendary Akron Tangier’s Restaurant and Cabaret complex to turn the facility into a multi-purpose space for families at the I PROMISE School as well as the entire community.

Tangiers will become “House Three Thirty” that includes an athletic complex, retail space, coffee bar, ice cream parlor, and a cabaret.

In a statement from LeBron James:

“Our main goal in everything we do is to support and prepare our families for a better future. And this concept, House Three Thirty, is the next step of that journey. I’m excited to open a space that puts everything we want to offer them under one roof. From getting them hands-on job training and financial guidance to having a space for important community events and safe physical activities, this is what we’ve learned our community needs. I can’t wait to see this come to life.”

LeBron James is a true example of it takes a village to raise a child and through his vision to do so he will build a village for the children to succeed.

Take a look at LeBron James vision below.


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