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God Shammgod still lives and breathes the game of basketball. The New York City streetball legend who famously frequented Rucker Park (regarded as the basketball mecca of New York) is carrying on his legacy by working with the next generation of players.

The former point guard instilled his love for the game in his son, who is the Assistant Coach for Delaware’s professional basketball team. “The journey from loving basketball, playing basketball, to coaching, it just started from watching my dad, seeing all the recognition and the love that he got from playing,” says God Shammgod Jr.

Training alongside his father, Shammgod Jr. got to witness firsthand the strength, dedication and perseverance required to succeed in the pro leagues. “My dad did teach me the [Shammgod crossover] move when I was younger. I’ve actually tried to create moves off of the move,” he says.

Beyond playing basketball professionally and his near-decade-long career overseas, God Shammgod continues to impart his love for basketball and expert ball-handling ability as a player development coach.

“I do coaching and player development, so I have to be on the court with them. I have to be able to show them moves and show them counter-moves. And sometimes I have to guard them one-on-one, so it’s physical,” he says.

Wins cost blood, sweat and tears. Players know from experience: no pain, no gain. It’s just part of playing the game. “Pain never stopped me and I don’t think it would stop most athletes,” Shammgod says.

As a veteran of the sport, having a comprehensive approach to pain management has been essential to Shammgod’s longevity. Advil Dual Action Back Pain is his go-to solution for fast and powerful pain relief, helping him stay on top of his game and power through tough back pain.

“My approach to pain management has changed a lot. When you’re young, your body is so loose and limber,” he says. “I try to stretch more now than I’ve ever stretched in my life before. I have to check in and I have to make sure my body is good.”

As a coach and father, Shammgod exemplifies the strong mindset of a pro athlete. “We’re all trying to accomplish greatness. And with greatness, you’re going to fight through some heartaches, whether it’s pain mentally or physically,” says Shammgod.

Through pain, injuries and losses come recovery and wins. With Advil Dual Action Back Pain on hand, effective pain relief is within reach every step of the way.

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