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Bronny James hasn’t officially stepped onto USC’s campus yet, but the school knows a lot will change.

USC has long been a respected sports school –and is still home to Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Caleb Williams — with alum including Troy Polamalu, Caron Palmer, DeMar DeRozan, O.J. Mayo, and Taj Gibson.

But Bronny is an entirely different story. Not only is the hype unreal, but he’s the son of arguably the best basketball player ever, LeBron James. So in preparation for his arrival on campus this fall, USC understands exponentially more attention will be paid to the program, so, according to ESPN,  officials want to increase security measures for the roster and are also pondering a separate entrance for stars and Hollywood elite to come to watch games.

Thankfully, USC is no stranger to famous people enrolling at the school thanks to Sasha Obama and Princess Salma bint Abdullah –the daughter of the King and Queen of Jordan– graduating just a few weeks ago. Plus, Natalia Bryant, the daughter of Kobe Bryant, is also studying there so security’s been necessary. 

But with Police Chief Lauretta Hill leading USC’s public safety department, she’s ready for the influx of interest in the basketball program. In the age of social media, Hill also has a dedicated group of individuals scouring social networks for serious threats.

“We do have security plans in place for major events. We also have active threat management and assessment units. That threat unit is constantly monitoring social media for any types of threats or issues that may come up so we could change our posture if we needed to. We can scale up. We can scale down. We can address those issues or threats that may be out there,” she tells ESPN. “We anticipate that we’ll have a lot more attention to basketball because we also have the No. 1 female recruit coming and the No. 1 male recruit coming.”

Read more about USC prepping for Bronny’s arrival here. Also, see Twitter‘s reaction to Bronny committing to USC below.

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