North Carolina v Duke

Source: Lance King / Getty

Today on the Mac Attack, Mac and T-Bone discuss if it is possible that Duke & UNC both miss out on the NCAA Tournament. UNC had a bad loss to Clemson last night which made them fall to 11-6 overall, while Duke lost to a bad Miami team on Monday night, which made them fall to 7-6 overall.

Neither Duke nor UNC being a powerhouse in College Basketball is something we rarely ever see. This Saturday, the two will face off and it will be the first time since 1960 that neither team will be ranked.

Duke dealt with some big injuries early in the season with Jalen Johnson being out, but they seemed to turn a corner when he returned. UNC struggled to find their footing early in the season as well, but after wins against Pitt and others, it seemed like the Heels were heading in the right direction.

Right now, it seems as if Duke would be in more trouble than UNC of missing the NCAA Tournament, but they still need to put some wins together to secure their spot.

ESPN’s Jay Bilas joined the show today and said he would not be surprised if both teams miss out on March Madness.