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The voice of the Panthers joined Kyle on Friday’s edition of the Clubhouse to discuss calling his last home game as a voice of the Panthers, and what he makes of the future for this team.

Mick started by thanking the fans for the ovation he got over the weekend at the game as he guessed it was good that he didn’t get booed and he also described to Kyle his first meeting with Jerry Richardson and how he is thankful to him for giving him this opportunity back in 2005.

The news came out yesterday that Sam Mills is a finalist for the Hall of Fame as he said this is great because of his talents on the field and what he meant to this organization both on and off the field, and despite Steve not becoming a finalist Mick said without hesitation that Agent 89 will get in sooner rather than later.

Mick ended on the Panthers as he still believes in the current regime as he said that you can turn around a roster very soon and he thinks the defense will only get better heading into 2022 to complement what he thinks could be a better offense if they find consistency at the QB spot whether the answer is on the roster or not.