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Carolina Panthers Training Camp

Source: Jacob Kupferman / Getty


Following the Panthers decision to fire Joe Brady, there were a lot of differing opinions as to why he didn’t work out in Charlotte. To get further insight into the discussion, Ellis Williams Panthers beat reporter for The Charlotte Observer, joined Wilson & Norfleet, and when asked why his offense didn’t work out he replied: “It is an offense that is predicated on matchups, but it isn’t anything that compliments the run or the pass. You don’t see his runs looking like passes, you don’t see his passes looking like runs. Not in terms of there could be trickery, but in sense you should be running things to set other plays up.” The Panthers offense has generated just 18 points in the third quarter, and only average 19.7 points per game. Brady was hired after engineering the LSU offense that won the national championship in 2019, and that success never translated to the NFL, thus resulting in his firing.