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BLOG: Mac’s 3 Best Options for Panthers Offensive Tackle

02/17/2017 at 11:12 | Posted by Mac

It is no secret the Carolina Panthers desperately need to add a starting center.

Heck, if Michael Oher can’t make it back from the concussion issues, they might need two.

Mike Remmers is a free agent and I can easily see him walking and getting overpaid elsewhere.

Here are my three favorites at this point.

1) Andrew Whitworth- Cincy Free Agent- Yeah, I know he is 34 years old, but his performance is not dropping off. He ranked 2nd among all tackles according to Pro Football Focus this past year. According to CBS Cap guru Joel Corry, he will require more than $10 million a year.

I say a 2 year $22 million stop gap LT deal works for me.

2) Antonio Garcia- Troy- Would be the perfect compliment to adding Whitworth in free agency.

Pick Garcia in Rd 2 if he is there and start him on the right side while Whitworth plays LT.

Garcia turned some heads during Senior Bowl week and he did a hell of a job against Clemson in pass pro this past season.

3) Riley Reif- Lions free agent- He probably hasn’t lived up to his first round pick status, but can play LT or RT and he would be a solid option for Carolina.

He is reliable too. Reif has never played in less than 14 games in a season.